Amin Matalqa – Perseverance in the face of everything

Amin Matalqa is a film maker best known for his work on Captain Abu Raed and Disney’s The United. Amin has an amazing story but also he’s been through alot in his personal life. During this episode, he opens up like he never has. Welcome back to Basel Meets!

Anthony, Adonis: Becoming who you want to be

This week we talk to legendary Lebanese rocker Anthony from the band Adonis. Anthony and I talk about music, writing and becoming who you want to be.

Fatima Al Dhaheri MD – COVID19 Ep 2

This week I am joined by the legendary Fatima Al Dhaheri to talk about Covid19 for the second episode on the cast. Fatima is a fellow at Harvard Med who gives us her perspective on the current global situation. It was an awesome conversation. Enjoy!