Maria Marlowe: Happier & Healthier

Today’s podcast is with health and diet expert, author of ‘The Real Grocery Food Guide’ and fellow podcaster of ‘Happier and Healthier’ – it’s Maria Marlowe. We have an in-depth conversation about all-things food – from Gluten Free to Free Range Chicken.

Omar Nour: The Jaw-dropping Story Of Omar Nour

The longest podcast in the history of Basel Meets features the phenomenal Omar Nour. A man of many accomplishments. Omar is a Professional Triathlete that attempted to cross the Atlantic ocean. His story is incredible. The second hour is where we focus on his story crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

How I Met Metallica! [Podcast took over by Hamburger Generation]

This is a special episode that originally aired on The Hamburger Generation podcast last month. In this conversation, hosts Jamil and Isra had me on their awesome show to talk about Metallica (probably my favorite topic ever!). I love their energy and spirit so much that I wanted to share this with the audience of ‘Basel Meets’.

Make sure you check out Hamburger Generation, they have awesome content


Luz Villamil: Fighting Cancer

A returning guest to the show, the legendary Luz is back to share her cancer story, from diagnosis to fighting the good fight. This episode sheds light on what it means to be diagnosed with breast cancer and why it’s very important to get check-ups so regularly. I appreciate Luz for her bravery and choosing the show to share her story.