Anthony, Adonis: Becoming who you want to be

This week we talk to legendary Lebanese rocker Anthony from the band Adonis. Anthony and I talk about music, writing and becoming who you want to be.

Fatima Al Dhaheri MD – COVID19 Ep 2

This week I am joined by the legendary Fatima Al Dhaheri to talk about Covid19 for the second episode on the cast. Fatima is a fellow at Harvard Med who gives us her perspective on the current global situation. It was an awesome conversation. Enjoy!

Dr Hassan Masri: Covid 19 – Episode 1

Hello guys! Long time .. umm what happened?

We’re kicking off season 3 with a few episodes to dig deeper into understanding this global pandemic that we are going through. Dr Hassan Masri is a physician based in Saskatoon, Canada. We had a great conversation around COVID-19