Hebah Fisher: Story Telling For a Living

Have you ever met someone who tell’s stories for a living? Meet Hebah Fisher, the founder of the awesome Kerning Cultures Podcast! We talk about the podcasting scene, running a podcast network as her startup and her journey to podcasting greatness!

Richard Fitzgerald: The world of New Media

This week we have the man behind the Lovin’ brand (Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi) and founder of Augustus Media, Richard Fitzgerald. During this podcast we talk about the state of New Media and how the consumption of content is constantly changing. We also discuss socialand publisher platforms, as well as their roles in this new emerging world.

Welcome to the Hamburger Generation

On the podcast this week are fellow podcasters and all-round awesome people Jamil Adas & Isra Abu Zayed, the hosts of Hamburger Generation. Throughout this podcast, we talk about identity, story telling & building communities. Both Jamil & Isra are some of the most genuine people I’ve met, and made this a super-fun conversation.

Ali Al Saloom: Cultural evolution, defusing supremacy and celebrating similarities

If you have Dubai TV on during iftar in Ramadan, then you’ve definitely seen Ali doing his Doroub show. Or you may have been exposed to his work during his stint with Ask Ali. This week I sit with Ali to talk culture, traditions and ants eating private parts (you have to listen to understand!). A great spirited conversation with a thoughtful man!