Shaun Warner & P. Storm: The evolution of the music business

This week I talk to two musicians that I truly respect on both a musical and personal level. Shaun Warner is a DJ that’s been dominating global charts in the past weeks with his latest album release, Stay. P. Storm, 1/3rd of my favorite hip hop group, The Recipe DXB, just released a hard hitting single available on all streaming services. Check out our conversation about the music industry and how it has evolved

Joumana Saber: The Vegan Lifestyle

Joumana Saber is one of Dubai’s most notable Yoga instructors and an outspoken vegan advocate. Throughout this podcast we talk about her adopted lifestyle and how it’s helping her in raising her child. Joumana also owns & runs the fully-vegan restaurant, Hippie Deli. I had an awesome discussion with her – hope you like this!

Mathilde Loujayne: Finding spirituality & women’s rights

Today we have a conversation with French author, Mathilde Loujayne, who recently launched her debut book; Big Little Steps. Throughout our conversation we talk about finding spirituality, women’s rights in Islam, and the greater dialogue she wants to have with the world. Hope you enjoy this!

Joe Akkawi: Online polarization, Fake News & technology

1 year edition! In this episode, my guest is the awesome Joe Akkawi, making his comeback to the podcast to mark the 1 year anniversary of Basel Meets. During this episode, Joe and I talk about what we always talk about: Technology, Fake news & online polarization. Thank you to every person who spent some time listening & watching Basel Meets. It has been an incredible honor. Bring on year 2!