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Rana Nawas: A Winning Woman

Rana Nawas is the host of one of the strongest original podcasts to come out of the Middle East region. In this conversation, she shares her journey of leaving the corporate world, becoming a mom, facing a serious diagnosis and being an outspoken women activist.

Alex Skolnick: From Heavy Metal To Jazz, and Back

Alex Skolnick is a musician with an impressive track record. He’s best known for his work with heavy metal legends Testament. Alex Also played with the Trasn-Siberian orchestra and rebuilt himself as a premier Jazz musician and led his jazz band, Alex Skolnick Trio.


This episode is with the legendary guitarist Slash! Best known as the lead guitarist of Guns n’ Roses, in this episode we focus on the solo side of the man and the projects that he worked. Slash is by far one of the most legendary guitar players that ever lived, and it is an absolute pleasure to have him on the show.

Miltiadis Kyvernitis: Rock n’ Roll, Voice Overs & Impressions!

Miltiadis Kyvernitis is a man of many many talents, he’s producer, musician and a voice-over legend. He’s best known for his metal outfit, Private Government, who just dropped an epic record! Throughout the podcast we talk about rock n roll, his album, and had fun with voice-overs!

Side note .. this is the best sounding podcast we put out!

Thanks to Hind Anabtawi for producing the episode!