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Mohammed Balooshi: The Power Of Dreaming

This week’s guest is the legendary motocross champion, Mohammed Balooshi. Mohammed talks about his beginnings and what drove him to continue in an unconventional path for over 25 years. Available now on all podcasting apps.

William Mullaly: Movies & Implications on Society

This week’s guest is William Mullaly, a writer and film critic. During this hour, we talk about the various forms of story telling, upcoming movies and the implications of movies on society.

Finyal Media: Talking podcasts

This week I have legendary podcasting duo Majid & Mshari, founders of Finyal Media. A podcasting startup that produces the ‘Yalla Startup’, ‘Millennial Mirrors’ and ‘1001 nights’. When a bunch of podcasters get in a room with each other, we’re bound to talk about podcasts! Enjoy.

Ed Clowes: The Game Of Streaming Thrones

Ed Clowes is a Journalist who wrote for multiple publications – He’s got great insight into technology, music, pop culture and business. We speak about all these things and go deep into the nuances.

NOTE: This episode was recorded prior to the Game Of Thrones finale – so our predictions arent exactly up-to-date! ENJOY.