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LIVE: Building An Audience (w/ Rana Nawas, Big Hass, DigitalHoos)

This podcast was taken from the Middle East Podcast Forum, September 2019. It’s a panel that I’ve hosted where we spoke about growing an audience for a podcast. My guests are the incredibly talented Rana Nawas, Big Hass & Digital Hoos of ‘Lets Take this online’.

Loulou Khazen: Starting A Family With A Startup

This week I had the awesome Loulou Khazen, the founder of Nabbesh, on the programme and we talked about alot about startups, starting a family and the ins-and-outs of maternity leave. I loved having her on the show. Hope you enjoy this.

Mohammed Balooshi: The Power Of Dreaming

This week’s guest is the legendary motocross champion, Mohammed Balooshi. Mohammed talks about his beginnings and what drove him to continue in an unconventional path for over 25 years. Available now on all podcasting apps.

William Mullaly: Movies & Implications on Society

This week’s guest is William Mullaly, a writer and film critic. During this hour, we talk about the various forms of story telling, upcoming movies and the implications of movies on society.