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Basel Meets Luz Salem Villamil

Luz Salem Villamil is a prominent PR personality that dedicates her time to building the independent Cinema scene in the UAE. Throughout this podcast, she talks about her journey and her incredible personal story about her early upbringing in Colombia.

Basel Meets Masarat Daud [TEDx, Making a positive change & The Burka]

My guest today is TEDx speaker & organizer Masarat Daud. Throughout this podcast we talk about TEDx and the trials and tribulations to bringing community change to a village in India.

Basel Meets Nemr Abu Nassar [The Media industry, Being an Arab and taking chances]

DISCLAIMER: This Episode contains explicit language, listener discretion is advised.

Today’s guest is Nemr Abu Nassar, arguably one of the most successful Arab American comedians on the planet. Throughout this podcast we discuss so many different topics, it may very well be one of the most entertaining conversations I’ve had in a long while!

Note: Thanks to MNK productions for helping in the editing of the podcast
Note 2: The views of Nemr that are presented in this podcast are his own and not necessarily mine.

Basel Meets Big Hass [Inspiration, Purpose, Autism and Talent]

In this episode, I meet legendary Saudi Hip Hop MC, Big Hass. We discuss a little bit of hip hop, but a whole lot of life, inspiration, purpose, autism and talent. Insightful man and a great conversation.