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Basel Meets Adnan Mryhij [Metal in the world today, what it takes to succeed and meeting our heroes]

Adnan is the lead vocalist of Dubai-based Heavy Metal band, Svengali. We spoke about the state of heavy metal around the world, how it is to be an up and coming band today and how it feels to meet your heroes!

Basel Meets Zahra Lyla [Instagram, Influencers and Fashion blogging]

Instagram star and Fashion Blogger Zahra Lyla is this weeks legendary guest! We talk about the industry of content creators, remaining relevant and how to conduct a business on digital platforms.

Basel Meets Samer Hamadeh of Stereo Arcade

Samer Hamadeh is a Dubai-based entrepreneur who is best known for premier Dubai night spot, Stereo Arcade. Samer talks to me about how we found the business and what other ventures he got into throughout the years. We also talk about video games. you gotta talk about video games amirrite!?